Best selling products at Build Industry Supply

From wooden and tile flooring to wall cladding to construction board materials, Build Industry Supply has all the necessary materials you need to complete your interior and exterior construction projects! Check out some of our best-selling products below:

Construction board materials

If you are going to build a horse or just a simple piece of furniture, our construction board materials have the right panel for every purpose. You can rest assured that you will get the highest quality panels that can comply with all the statutory standards. Some of our best selling varieties are as follows:

  • Gypsum board
  • Marine board
  • OSB board
  • MDF board
  • Particleboard

Floor and wall tiles

Contemporary and stylish, that is how we describe our wide range of floor and wall tiles. We are the main supplier of tiles in Kenya and work closely with the leading designers and construction companies across the country. Some of our best-selling floor and wall tiles are as follows:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Metallic tiles
  • Limestone tiles
  • Granite tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Marble tiles
  • Cement tiles
  • Mosaic tiles

Wooden flooring

Feel the classic and homey aesthetic offered by our vast collection of wooden floorings available in our store! Our wooden floorings are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and sustainable so you won’t have to worry about destroying our forests. Every purchase you make will give the forests in Kenya a chance to restore. Check out some of our best selling types of wooden floors below:

  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Reclaimed wood flooring
  • Parquet flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Wood-effect flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Oak flooring
  • Walnut flooring
  • Mahogany flooring
  • Maple flooring
  • Hickory flooring
  • Teak flooring

About Build Industry Supply

Build Industry Supply started in the 2000s as a simple store that sold various construction supplies until the business grew and covered almost 20 store branches around Kenya. As the internet evolves, the company took the opportunity to go digital and create a website where we can showcase our products and services.

Our products are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and sustainable since we make sure to manage the forests where we collect our raw materials by planting and taking care of new seedlings. With that, you can rest assured that the wooden floors where you take your steps will not ruin the environment but help restore it instead.

Contact us now

Do you have an upcoming project? We would love to discuss it with you! Let’s start that project by reaching out to us through our contact page. One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible. 

If you are an architect or an interior designer, we are happy to tell you that we provide free samples of our wood and tile floorings for you! It comes in a standard box consisting of up to 20 types of product samples for you to choose from for your upcoming projects. To request a free sample, just fill out the form on our contact page.