Covering Wall to Wall


Wood flooring Ambience

SPC Floor tiles adds warmth, character and style to any property whether old or new. Initial costs are admittedly slightly higher than

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Wood Design Ceramics

SPC flooring tiles gives the feel and look of solid wood with the added benefits that come with the way it has been constructed.

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Gypsum Boards

Gypsum boardcc is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate, typically used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.g

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Commercial Projects


Sports Complex


Resorts & Enclosures

Contemporary and Stylish


Easy to lay

The SPC click vinyl plank is easier than ever to install. High resistance against dents and scratches with a 0.5 mm commercial grade wear layer.Due to its composition, SPC click plank technology will not expand or contract and remain stable in high/low temperature, more rigid than LVT Click

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Click systems vinyl planks and tiles, also known as floating vinyl plank, can be quickly installed in almost any living spaces of your home with no heavy tools and underlayment required. It can be installed directly over the subfloor, even on top of existing floor.

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Some of Our Skills

SPC Flooring Tiles 90%
Boards 75%
Roofing Materials 60%
Wall Cladding 75%

Our Quality, A Tribute to Success

SPC Flooring Tiles

Build Industry Supply limited is the main supplier of SPC tiles in kenya, the flooring tiles come in different wood feels and be custom made to your preferred design or art.


Working closely with manufacturers, BIS is the leading provider of cheap if not affordable construction and building boards i.e gypsum boards,OSB boards,MDF boards and marine boards.

Roofing Materials

Build industry supply identified a niche that brings class in the house roofing sector, a niche that brings class and resistant to environental wear and tear, theuse of shingles in roofing.

Wall Cladding

Having worked more with design companies,BIS brings lots of experience in artistic aesthetics in as far as wall cladding in concerned.

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